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Extra Large 3D Skull & Sphere Ice Molds Set

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The Legendary 3D Skull Ice Mold

The Legendary 3D Skull Ice Mold

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Its easier to use this kit and make four large ice cubes a time than to freeze them all individually. This kit works great four us because I easily made a bunch that are waiting in a box in the freezer...

Quesadilla/Amazon Customer

These turned out great. I have been making a bunch of them for Halloween and but couldn't wait to try one. They are really cool!

Sidney/Amazob Customer

I'm using this mold for my soap business. It's working alright. I haven't quite sussed out how to fill the molds all the way but my soaps look beautiful after using this.

Alyssa/Amazon Customer

These things are pretty cool but if you want them to be clear you almost have to be a scientist lol. It is easy to clean and getting the ice out of the mold isn’t too bad.

Ryan Everhart/Amazon Customer

It was surprisingly great! The shape was pretty good! Some of them where odd not for the shape but for the murkying or fogging in the ice! But the shape was for sure perfect by the molds and all! Really good!

Javier Saade/Amazon Customer

I like the shape and it's not that expensive and the quality so good for the price but it's so hard to make 100% perfect skull that why I gave it 4 stars.

SXBED/Amazon Customer

Will take some practice to get right fill level ..... probably need to enlarge top fill hole as mentioned in included package. But we got four recognizable skulls with slightly flattened back of the heads. They did melt a bit faster than I expected so two per glass should be perfect for whisky drinks .

BB/Amazon Customer

Nice looking skull but does not make crystal clear ice but still nice.

Barreto/Amazon Customer

It works well. It can be a little difficult to fill the mold completely. I fill the top half with water after following their directions.
The skulls are amazing. Try adding a little food coloring.

Patch/Amazon Customer

Very simple instructions on the box. Follow them and it will make the cubes as advertised. Love it!

ChuckOMalley/Amazon Customer

This mold far exceeded my expectations. I was one of those people that saw the pizza skull video on Facebook and was never able to find a pan... this silicone mold will work! I did pizza dough with sauce and cheese 400 degrees 15 minutes, you can freeze and reheat them and they keep their shape after the prebake. The only downside is they are small-ish and there only 4 per batch, but I am very happy!

MA hole/Amazon Customer

Nothing like a cocktail when you’re “dead” from shoveling for the 10th time in a week. Great product. Easy to use and great detail.

Scott Rumphrey/Amazon Customer

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