TubRing, Meet The Ultimate Drain Protector

TubRing is a premium bathtub strainer & drain protector with a ring donut structure, slot-based filtering holes and a latching rim blade. It is the world's first drain protector that is compatible with US standard bathtub pop-up drain stoppers.

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How it works

TubRing is super easy to clean & maintain, safe to use in bathtubs, and durable to last a long time.

  • Step 1

    Install TubRing

  • Step 2

    Take your shower peacefully

  • Step 3

    Remove TubRing

  • Step 4

    Remove hair using tissue paper

SinkRing protects your valuables.

The last drain protector you will ever need.


What exactly is a TubRing?

TubRing is the world's first bathtub drain protector & hair catcher that is compatible with standard pop-up drain stoppers. TubRing is a simple but ultimate solution for a problem that everyone has in their bathtubs, drain clogged with hair! Now all you need to do is installing a TubRing around your pop-up stopper. It fits most of the US standard pop-up stoppers on the market and collects every single hair.

What is a SinkRing?

SinkRing uses the same design principles as TubRing, and its smaller size makes it a messiah for your bathroom sink. SinkRing prevents small, valuable items (like your wedding ring) from getting lost down the drain.

Do you have a user manual?

Yes, we do! You may download a PDF version here.

What type of pop-up stoppers are compatible with TubRing & SinkRing?

What type of pop-up stoppers are compatible with TubRing & SinkRing?

Can I use a TubRing without a pop-up stopper?

No, you must have a stopper or plug to use a TubRing. You could purchase a pop-up stopper for around $8-$20 at a retail store like The Home Depot, Lowe's, as well as on You may view a product on Amazon here.

What are the dimensions of the TubRing & SinkRing?

- TubRing : 3.75"L x 3.75"W x 1.125"H

- SinkRing : 2.8"L x 2.8"W x 0.75"H

Do they slow down the water flow?

No, these strainers will not block water drainage as you could adjust the width of the openings of the slot filters by cutting off a few strands that are facing the drain hole, meaning ribs of the filters facing downwards and inwards, using a pair of scissors. Cutting off one strand every two to three strands will make the water drainage much faster. You will never have your feet submerged in a puddle of soapy dirty water in the middle of shower. 

Do they grow molds?

No, unlike plug-type strainer, TubRing sits and collects hair above the drain. After each shower, TubRing gets dried and stay dry until the next shower. This product usage environment prevents TubRing from getting moldy.

Do they catch naturally curly hair?

Yes, they catch long, short, straight, curly, thin, thick, even pet hair very well while it does not inhibit the flow of water to the drain. 

How can I deep clean them?

1. Prepare 7-8 cups of water, 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 1/3 cup of vinegar.

2. Fill your bathroom basin or a bowl with the solution above.

3. Soak your rings and scrub them with a soft toothbrush.

4. Rinse your rings thoroughly with running water.


I love this product! Fits around my drain easily, I got it for when I wash my dog, she’s a golden so lots of fur always comes off. It would clog my drain after every bath but since using this, I haven’t had a clogged drain! Easy to clean and use!

Tiffany Roll

This works better than expected! I was afraid it wouldn’t fit my drain as I live in an older house, but the unit is flexible. I had no problems with the installation. I think it took all of five seconds to get it on there and it works great. This will save me so much money on drain cleaners!


It's OK - it does catch the hair. However, all of the hair gets trapped under the ring so you do not see it unless you lift the ring up to check after each shower. I have checked several times, and each time the hair was trapped under it but I can see someone easily missing it because it isn't visible. I would imagine then it would eventually end up going down the drain.


This works but when you take it off to clean, hairs still go down the drain. Maybe I am doing something wrong but I wait till all the water is gone but still have stuff going down.


This ring is very easy to install and take back off to clean. It arrived on time and does what it is meant to. I have had issues in the past with the water backing up with just a small amount of hair and this item does not do that. The hair/depri does get caught inside the ring and does take a little time to clean.


This tub ring seems to do exactly what it promises. I’ve only used it for a short time, so I am interested to see how it holds up over time and that is why I have it 4 stars. It does fit over my drain and it does catch the hair. It allows water to drain, although it can be a little slower. The item comes with tips from the company to correct that and several other concerns that could come up.


At first I didn’t like it because it sits above the drain and not into it. But over time with use, I see how amazing it is at stopping the hair and such from going down the drain! I also needed to pour some draino and fix my drain issue to see how great this little invention is! Must have if you have a drain plug that sits above the drain!

Sarah Jayne

My husband is constantly cleaning the shower drains of my hair. I can’t do it because it grosses me out SO BAD. With this, you just pop it under your plug and go. It’s soft silicone and catches everything that would have gone down the drain without it. I just clean it off after the shower. No more draino and that’s great! We love them so much we ordered additionals for our other bathrooms, and sink ones as well. They really are life savers on the drains!

Jolene Jones

I love this thing! I like to brush out my hair after putting conditioner with a side tooth comb while showering, and hair falls out but this little ring catches them all. I don’t need to adjust it or tighten it around the drain. All I do is put the ring around the drain, then I’ll collect & throw out my hair, rinse the ring off and let it dry. No mold grows on it. It’s so simple but so useful! I recommend 10/10.


This works wonders and collects even more hair than my previous solution. I was amazed how well it works. I do suggest to clean it often as I can see where it would get gunky if not cleaned. I use it when I wash my hair and remove and clean after each use. Love it!! Bought another one for my other bathroom. Will have to see how it lasts long term. For now it’s exactly what I needed.


This item has made life as a long-haired woman so much easier! It used to be such a battle to keep hair from clogging the tub drain and then an even grosser battle to unclog said drain. This simple ring stops the problem from even happening. It’s really easy to remove and clean. I’ve only had the ring for about a month so I can’t speak to its durability but so far so good!


I've had this for a few months and just bought another for travel. I cannot believe how much hair it catches (or how much I'm losing). Since letting my hair grow during Covid, it is now shoulder length, thick and curly. I was having to use drano often. My husband is a general contractor and found this online, I cannot say enough about it! It is easy to put in, remove and clean. I am faithful about rinsing it daily after I shower. We have a pop up drain it it works perfectly. I highly recommend it, you won't be disappointed!!

Tom Minka